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Partially shifting it's user into another dimension the Phase Shifter allows Jake to pass through bullets unharmed and fly over gaps in the road!

Hovering Moon Man.png

With an arsenal of more than 15 powerful and unique weapons Jake's got a gun for every occasion!

Jake's enemies are many! Facing the Ungermax Gang, Earth's Satellite Blockade, and more!

Have you got what it takes to beat the Moon Man?

Take control of Jacob Helaway as he rides his trusty motorcycle, the Red Hornet, up Route 767, the highway to the moon, on a quest to meet and defeat the infamous Moon Man. Blow up everything that moves, even dialogue bubbles, as Jake faces off against biker gangs, air force fleets, weaponized satellites and more on his way up through Earth's atmosphere. The Moon Man's waiting. Are you ready to fight your way to the Moon? 

The Highway to the Moon's a long one, going up through all the layers of Earth's atmosphere.

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